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Our sincere thanks to you for your continued support of and contributions to NEBCO FIRE-EMS. In 2014 and early 2015, these contributions along with funding from various grants, Benton County EMS funds, and our normal operational budget; enabled us to upgrade the following equipment:


  • Replace our 1988 Rescue Truck with a 2014 Rescue Truck costing $238,615

  • Replace our 2002 Ambulance with a 2014 Ambulance costing $113,670

  • Replace two heart monitors costing $61,000

  • Upgrade our EMS manual cot to a power cot costing $14,000


Our five-year plan includes replacing Self Contained Breather Apparatus’ (SCBA’s) and a Fire Boat which is a critical asset for both rescue and water supply, plus a significant factor in our ISO rating. If you are willing to help, your tax deductable donation would be greatly appreciated. Simply bring or mail to NEBCO FIRE-EMS, 14639 S. WIMPY JONES RD, GARFIELD, AR  72732. Every donation counts. Even small amounts make a big difference!


You Call … We Come!




Kara Funk                                                 Rob Taylor

Board of Directors Chairman                 FIRE-EMS Chief

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