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The History of NEBCO Fire-EMS

"Proudly Serving Our Community Since 1978"​

The “NEBCO Firefighters Association” was formed in April of 1978 with two fire trucks and one fire station. Today’s Northeast Benton County Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. (dba NEBCO Fire-EMS) is comprised of five fire stations, twenty-three pieces of firefighting equipment, two ambulances, twenty-nine volunteer fire fighters, eight Emergency Medical Technicians, fourteen Paramedics, one fire boat, the Jaws of Life and rope rescue equipment for high and low angle rescues. 

NEBCO Fire covers the largest territory of any volunteer fire department in Arkansas, covering 3715 households within an approximately 84 square mile district including 81 miles of Beaver Lake shoreline.  

In March of 1985, the Volunteer Ambulance Service answered their first emergency call, providing Basic Life Support (BLS) services to the NEBCO Volunteer Fire Department territory and the adjoining Avoca Fire District. In 2007, changes were put into place to move the ambulance service to an Advance Life Support (ALS) service. On June 1, 2010, the Volunteer Ambulance Service and NEBCO Volunteer Fire Department merged, creating NEBCO FIRE-EMS. On July 1, 2010 the evolution of the ambulance service from BLS to ALS was completed. The ambulance service is staffed 24/7 with both an EMT and aParamedic. Heart monitors, life saving medications, and other necessary equipment are standard on every ambulance call. 

NEBCO EMS serves 6118 households within an approximately 121 square mile district, while providing mutual aid to both Pea Ridge and Rogers as needed. 

NEBCO’s ongoing goals include the continued improvement of the services we provide to our community by adding new and better equipment, a new 4-wheel drive ambulance and a tanker truck in 2013, lowering our ISO ratings and providing continuing education and training for our Fire and EMS personnel. To that end, we appreciate our service community and your continued support in helping NEBCO FIRE-EMS achieve our objectives. 

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