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EMS Employees
NEBCO FIRE-EMS has 4 full time Paramedics who work 48 hour shifts. 
Paramedic/Firefighter Captain Andy Driggs
Paramedic Gabriela Soto
Paramedic/Firefighter Amanda Bland
Paramedic Mark Vrentas

NEBCO FIRE-EMS also has 2 full time EMTs who also work 48 hour shifts.

EMT/ Firefighter Captain Tyler Cray
EMT Laurel Wilson

Jake Good Recognized by Mercy Hospital for Exceptional Work

Jake Good is a part-time EMS for NEBCO, and works full time for Bentonville EMS.  Recently, on one of his shifts at NEBCO, Jake was sent out on a call needing medical assistance.

While assisting the motorist, Jake did everything he could to assist the motorist, decrease the person's pain, and stabilize the motorist for transport and more in depth treatment at Mercy Hospital.

Last week, NEBCO Fire Chief Rob Taylor shared a letter of recognition for Jake at the monthly board meeting.  The members thanked Jake for his service and for going above and beyond in assisting a local resident that needed his medical/EMS expertise.

We're lucky to have Jake on staff & are happy to have him recognized locally for his efforts!  Thanks again Jake!

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