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All events are held at NEBCO Station 1 and/or the Northeast Benton County Community Center, located behind Garfield City Hall. 

For more information on future events, please call the NEBCO FIRE-EMS Office at 479-359-3134.

Calendar of Events:

-December 19th @ 6:00 p.m. - Board Meeting

-January 16th @ 6 p.m. - Board Meeting

- February 20th @ 6 p.m. - Board Meeting

- Chili Cook Off - TBD

Image by Shayna Douglas

Looking for ways to help our local heros?

With the current temps soaring, our firefighters and EMS crews could sure use some drinks with electrolytes - like Propel, Powerade, and Gatorade.  We have plenty of water already thanks to generous support from the community.  

Drop drinks off at the NEBCO Office - anytime we're open Monday through Friday.  Thanks for your generousity!

Fall Festival Recap 

On Saturday, September 23rd, NEBCO hosted our annual Fall Festival.  The events attendance was eager to grab many "BUY IT NOW" items and also participated in silent auction and raffle items.

The weather was absolutely beautiful as the clouds opened wide allowing the sunshine to really warm things up for the participants and the large number of volunteers. 

Lunch items served included pulled pork, bbq ribs, bbq beans, slaw, multiple dessert and drink items.  Things got quiet in the Community Center, so we have to assume everyone was satisfied with their meals!

Thanks so much to everyone who attended & everyone who volunteered!  It truly takes a village to pull off events like this one and NEBCO truly believes we've got the best folks around when it comes to volunteering.  

All proceeds benefited NEBCO Fire - EMS!

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