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A Historical Day for NEBCO FIRE

41 years, 4 months and 8 days ago NEBCO Volunteer Fire Department responded to their very first fire. September 1, 2020 NEBCO FIRE marked another historical “first.” Thanks to the support of the community; beginning today we will have two paid firemen on duty from 8am to 8pm ready to respond to calls.  After 8pm we have firemen on call to respond to calls. Our volunteers will always be vital to NEBCO and will continue to respond to emergencies.

We are excited for this new endeavor and are grateful to you, our community for making this possible!

The first on firemen on duty were Captain Jack Sanders and Firefighter/Paramedic Allen Whitlow.



The NEBCO staff and volunteers would like to thank all of you for your continued support during these unusual times.  Like everyone else, NEBCO has not escaped the impact of COVID-19.  We’ve cancelled the annual meeting normally held in April as well as all of our traditional fund raising events like the Memorial Day breakfast and Music at the Firehouse.  The Board has also decided to cancel the Labor Day Breakfast and fall Turkey Shoot. Fortunately, all of our staff remain healthy and continue to provide essential fire and emergency medical response to our members and thousands of visitors.  We are particularly grateful to our EMS staff as they, like other healthcare providers, place themselves at risk but continue to faithfully serve our community.


Since we’ve cancelled all of our traditional face-to-face gatherings, we want to communicate a few items that may be of interest.

  • Thus far in 2020, NEBCO has responded to over 540 fire and ambulance calls.  That is record call volume for this point in the year.

  • To improve our fire response, beginning in September, we will have 2 professional firefighters at Station 1 from 8am to 8pm, 7 days/week.  We are taking this action because in recent years, we’ve experienced a decline in the number and availability of volunteer firefighters during daylight hours due to regular job commitments.  Volunteers will remain the bedrock of our firefighting response, particularly at night and on weekends as well as daylight hours as available.

  • It costs $2790 to outfit a firefighter with the necessary jacket, pants, gloves and boots needed to safely fight a fire.  Per NFPA regulations, this “turnout” gear must be replaced every 10 years, even if it’s never used.

  • If “turnout” costs give you sticker shock,  it’s time to replace the “air packs” worn by our firefighters.  Per regulations, “air packs” must be re-placed after 15 years.  Total cost to replace our 36 ‘air packs” is roughly $325,000 and we are hoping to receive a federal grant to fund the purchase of new “air packs”.


Finally, a few interesting facts.  Did you know?

  • There are 29 volunteer firefighters, 2 full time and 26 part time paramedics/EMT’s committed to supporting our community 24/7, every day of the year.

  • The NEBCO fire district covers over 84 square miles including Garfield, Gateway and Lost Bridge Village as well as 81 miles of Beaver Lake shoreline.

  • The NEBCO EMS district covers 121 square miles, including Avoca, Garfield, Gateway, Lost Bridge Village and 17 square miles of Beaver Lake(39%).  We provide mutual aid to Pea Ridge and Rogers plus an additional 15 square miles of Beaver Lake (for a total of 74% of the entire lake)


You are always welcome to stop by Station 1, write or call with questions.  The Board continues to meet monthly and you are welcome to attend any of those meetings.  Information on upcoming Board meetings can be found at


Best Regards

Your NEBCO staff and Board of Directors


Reflective 911 Signs

Reflective 911 Signs Save Lives!!!

Nobody likes to think about having a medical or fire emergency in their home but if you do, you want us to be able to find you.  This is the reason that we began selling 911 signs with reflective numbers. This helps emergency response teams find your home quickly and efficiently.  Signs can be one sided or two and made to hang vertically or horizontally. If you need one for your home drop by the office M-F 8am to 4pm or print out and complete the 911 sign form and mail it to us. We will call you when your sign is ready.  The signs are only $15.00 and also make a great gift!  Contact us at 479-359-3134 for more information. 



“Looking for a way to serve your community?”

NEBCO is in need of volunteer firefighters.

We are looking for individuals who are capable and have the time to serve and respond within their community during fires and other emergencies.  Applicants must live within the NEBCO Fire District, have a clean driving record, be able to pass a background check and attend evening trainings on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

If you are interested please contact the NEBCO FIRE-EMS Admin office at 479-359-3134 to schedule an appointment.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.


"There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer." This is certainly true of NEBCO Volunteer FF/EMT Wade Canfield. Wade was voted the 2016 NEBCO Firefighter of the year by his peers for his hard work and dedication.  Wade has been a part of NEBCO for 9 years and as a certified FF and an EMT is a valuable part of the department. Thank you Wade for all you do! 

(Wade is pictured receiving his award from Chief Rob Taylor)


We here at NEBCO constantly strive to be our very best. Never has this been more evident, than when five of our NEBCO Volunteers stepped up to take the challenge of the Arkansas Fire Academy Firefigher I&II classes. We are so proud of these guys for completing all 180 hours. They started with a class of 32 with 18 completing the course. We are pleased that all 5 of the NEBCO volunteers completed. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication. 

(Pictured L-R FF/EMT Matt Fry, Deputy Chief Jeff Henry, FF/EMT Wade Canfield, EMS Battalion Chief Tony Bland, FF/EMR Preston Oldebeken)


Congratulations to FF/EMT Wade Canfield for finishing Firefighter I&II class academically tied for the top GPA. Wade not only met expectations, he exceeded them. Chief Rob Taylor presented Wade with a trophy that recognized his accomplishment. Thank you Wade and we are proud you are a part of NEBCO. 

Emergencies happen everywhere, including on the water. When those emergencies happen , it can make getting quick pre-hospital care more difficult. Our Fire Rescue Boat is able to travel at 43mph on the water, cutting response time dramatically. The smart design of our boat allows for patients to be loaded onto the boat much more confortably. The boat is also outfitted with a Hale 1500 GPM fire pump with a bow monitor, remote controlled roof monitor and a 4" LDH for supplying full pump capacity to land based pumper trucks. These features give our boat the versitility to be used for both fire and EMS emergencies.  17 sqaure miles of Beaver Lake is directly in our service area and additional 15.4 square miles that we could be called for mutal aid, that makes us responsible for approximately 73.6% of the lake. It is our hope that all residents, day visitors and tourists feel secure in the fact that help can get to them quickly. 

Our new rescue truck has finaly arrived!  Thanks to two major grants from government and private entities, we were able to upgrade our 1988 GMC Rescue to a brand new 2015 International Rescue.  Thanks to newer technology and better equipment, our firefighters have a safer ride to respond to our community needs.  Also, our old rescue was filled to the brim with tools and equipment with no room for growth, now we have enough room to expand our equipment and services to the community. 

How do you spend your Sunday afternoons?  Chances are in our area it includes family and water.  That was definitely not in the works on Sunday afternoon, May 18, for a dozen of our NEBCO FIRE-EMS Volunteer Firemen and Emergency Medical Technicians and Chief Rob Taylor.  They spent their Sunday in Extrication Training, refreshing on the proper procedures for stabilizing a wrecked vehicle and extricating anyone who might be trapped.  Equipment used included the JAWS of LIFE, and our new RES-Q-JACK stabilization apparatus.  Training involved everything from sizing up the situation on arrival at the scene, to giving the medical attention needed on site and in transit.

One of the important things learned, patience.  Patience in being sure the vehicle or vehicles involved are absolutely stabilized, important for the safety of both those involved in the accident, and the rescue personnel on site.  It’s easy to see by the effort and time put into   training; being prepared for an emergency and working an emergency are equally important to our NEBCO personnel. YOU CALL. WE COME.

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